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React-JUCE is a hybrid JavaScript/C++ framework that enables a React.js frontend for a JUCE application or plugin. It provides an embedded, ECMAScript-compliant JavaScript engine via Duktape, native hooks for rendering the React component tree via juce::Component instances, and a flexbox layout engine via Yoga.
For more information, see the introductory blog post here: React-JUCE: A JUCE Rendering Backend for React.js


React-JUCE is a young project, but already it provides the framework on which the entire user interface for Creative Intent's Remnant plugin is built.
Creative Intent Remnant: Screenshot
Besides that, you can check out the example code in the examples/ directory. See the "Documentation" section below for building and running the demo plugin. If you have a project written with React-JUCE that you want to share, get in touch! I would love to showcase your work.


Yes, please! I would be very happy to welcome your involvement. Take a look at the open issues or the project tracker to see if there's outstanding work that you might be able to get started. Or feel free to propose an idea or offer feedback by opening an issue as well.
I don't have a formal style guide at the moment, so please try to match the present formatting in any code contributions.


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